How To Find A Good Garage

There are literally hundreds of garages across Northamptonshire and if you know nothing about cars, it can be very daunting when it comes to getting your vehicle looked at. You hear stories all the time that a garage has hiked up the price or carried out work that never needed to be done in the first place. It is because of this, that you need to know that the garage you choose is reputable, honest and transparent.

There are a few guidelines you should bear in mind when shopping around and looking for a trustworthy Northampton garage. Firstly, ask your friends and family if they can recommend anyone. Where possible it is always best to go on a personal recommendation from someone who has already paid for services there. 
Once you have drawn up a shortlist of garages, try and determine before you contact them, what work it is that you want carried out. This will help them to understand the sort of service you are looking for and will enable them to provide you with a more accurate cost.

Do not be afraid to ask them whether they carry out work in line with the manufacturer's procedures and if they try and use original parts or those of equivalent quality. This may be important to your vehicle in the future should you wish to sell it. This will also give you further peace of mind that the level of service being carried out on your car is being completed to a high level.

If you have asked the mechanic to diagnose the problem or if you are having a service, make sure you are clear that they are to contact you before carrying out any work. Most garages will automatically do this, but it is always worth leaving instructions as the last thing you want to do is return to a massive bill which you had not been expecting.

At Automotive Engineering we understand our customer’s concerns, which is why we signed up to the Good Garage Scheme. We are very proud of our affiliation with the scheme, as only garages that abide by their strict code of conduct are permitted to participate.

All Good Garage Scheme members have pledged to have their customers’ best interests at heart at all times. They work to an industry standard checklist and must supply each customer with a feedback card allowing them to give their views on their service.

We signed up the scheme years ago and have not looked back since. We continue to provide an excellent level of service and customer care and we know all our customers agree, as you only need to read our testimonials.