About Automotive Engineering

At Automotive Engineering we believe in honesty and we value the trust customers place in our services.

Founded by Nigel Bennett in 1991, Automotive Engineering has always stood by its principles: high quality work and excellent customer service. Before founding the company, Nigel worked in various Northamptonshire garages and spent several years building and maintaining British Touring Cars. His diverse range of experiences and inquisitive nature provided a solid foundation with which to build his own business.

Since then, Automotive Engineering has gone from strength to strength. Nigel and his dedicated team have worked hard to build a loyal customer base where customers know they will receive excellent workmanship, an honest price and complete transparency.  

As part of our service we always offer all our customers:

  • Fully guaranteed work
  • Itemised invoices
  • A full explanation of work that is neccesary

At Automotive Engineering we pride ourselves on being open and honest with all our customers. As such, we always strive to ensure our customers leave completely satisfied.

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