Servicing and Repairs

We will advise you on the appropriate service we think is required, based on the available history, age and condition of your vehicle. 

All services come complete with a full report of the work completed. In addition, any issues that do not require immediate repair but are a cause for concern will be made clear to the customer. This service is provided as a courtesy to the customer and the work will be conducted at the customers discretion.

For your safety, every service includes a free Vehicle Safety Check.

This involves:

  • Removing and refitting wheels in order to make a full inspection of the brakes and suspension systems
  • Recording anti-freeze levels, making sure they are topped up to the required amount
  • Ensuring the wheels are tightened to the manufacturer’s correct specification
  • Checking all tyre pressures, including the spare
  • Carrying out preventative maintenance, advising the customer how to avoid further damage to their vehicle