Warranty Woes

Whether you are buying a brand new car or a second hand vehicle, it is really important that you know where you stand with your warranty. Most new cars will come with a three year manufacturer warranty, but always check the small print or ask before you sign on the dotted line.

If you buy a second hand car from an approved main dealership in Northampton, you should be covered with a manufacturer backed warranty, but again make sure you ask the question. Car supermarkets and independents might offer you a warranty as a separate package, if it is not part of the sale of the car.

It is essential you check what the warranty is and what you are entitled to as we have seen lots of customers recently who thought their warranty covered certain parts, and in fact, it did not. We recommend you find out exactly what cover levels you have and what the claim limits and conditions are. Find out whether there are any exclusions to the policy too, as this could be very important should you experience problems in the future.

If you end up needing to claim ,then one of the first things you should do is contact your warranty provider. Quote the section of the policy which you believe means the work you need to be carried out is covered. If they refuse the cover or to pay for the repairs, ask for the decision in writing and ask them for what reason they are turning you down.

If the warranty provider fails to provide you with a decent reason as to why they are not covering your repairs, continue to get quotes for the job. Once you have collected several, send them to your warranty provider telling them that if they continue to ignore you or to pay for the work you will claim the cost back from them once the work has been completed. With any luck that threat should be enough to get them to cough up, but if they do not, then you might have to consider taking further action. 

If you bought the car from a dealer, check to see if they are a member of a trade association. If they are, the organisation might have a dispute process which would be favourable before you embark upon court action. Check to see if the warranty is underwritten by an insurance company, which means you can refer the case to the Financial Conduct Authority.

If you are left with no choice than to take legal action you will need to show that you have exhausted the internal complaints procedure, or that eight weeks have passed since you referred your complaint and that the matter has still not been resolved.

If you are ever in any doubt, then do not be afraid to give us a bell at Automotive Engineering. We fully understand the frustrations that can be attached with confusing warranty policies. We are reliable and trustworthy garage in Northampton, who take the business of helping all our customers very seriously.