Trustworthy garage in Northampton – five top tips to find one

Trustworthy garage in Northampton – five tips to find one

If you don’t know much about cars, chances are you won’t know much about finding a trustworthy garage in Northampton. A reliable and honest car mechanic in Northampton is worth its weight in gold, so if you find one, keep hold of him or her. Here are a few tips on how to find a trustworthy garage in Northampton:

5. Check out Northampton car forums for recommendations

Have a little look around online to see if there are any Northampton car garage forums, such as Piston Heads, recommending where to go. If someone has had a particularly positive experience they will sometimes post online to tell other people about it. They will also write about negative ones and it goes without saying to avoid the garages that don’t have a good reputation!

4. Ask around and find a recommendation from word of mouth

Ask around your friends and family and see if anyone has any recommendations in Northampton. A review from someone you know is always preferable because they are more likely to be trustworthy. All Nigel’s customers at Automotive Engineering speak very highly of him, as he goes above and beyond for everyone.

3. Check out what the garage looks like

Don’t be afraid to head down there and see what the working environment is like. Look for a clean working environment which is well lit and maintained. Anyone who knows Nigel at Automotive Engineeringalready knows how keen he is on being organised, which is why all his tools are always neatly lined up where he can find them easily, allowing him to work for effectively. 

2. Meet the mechanic who will be working on your car

Try to meet the car mechanic who will be carrying out the work on your car. Use your instinct to decide whether you like them, whether they seem to know what they’re talking about and if they have a good eye for attention to detail. One of the reasons Automotive Engineering is so popular is because no matter how busy Nigel is, he will always take the time to talk to his customers and explain exactly what the problem is.

1. The Good Garage Scheme

Check out garages in Northampton which are members of the Good Garage Scheme. The programme has very high standards for its members, so you can be sure that any garage signed up to the scheme is trustworthy. Every garage listed, performs services to a strict code of conduct and will always have your best interests at heart. The scheme is run by Forté which is dedicated to driving up standards in the car servicing and car repair market, ensuring consumers get a fair deal.