The Perils of Part Worn Tyres

With the price of brand new tyres hitting the roof, it’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to the cheaper alternative of part worn tyres.

According to the campaign group TyreSafe a recent survey conducted showed that 98% of part worn tyres were being sold illegally and more than a third did not comply with the various safety standards which have been put in place. The organisation has also estimated there are more than 1200 road casualties across the UK, which have been caused by an illegal tyre defect.

It doesn’t matter what sort of vehicle you are driving or how old it is, tyres are extremely important.They are the first point of contact between your car and the road, which is why maintaining the correct tyre care is critical for your safety.

With the winter being just around the corner it is probably the right time to start looking at your tyres to determine whether they need to be replaced. The tyre pressure, tread depth and general condition of the tyre are all factors that you should consider when evaluating them.

If you decide that replacing your tyres is probably the safest option and your budget doesn’t stretch to brand new ones, then part worn tyres is the only way forward. However, despite the negative publicity about buying part worn tyres, there is legislation in place to protect consumers from buying faulty or unsafe tyres.

Before you buy, make sure there are no bulges, cuts or lumps in the tyres. No plies or cords should be exposed and tyres must have passed an inflation test before they can be sold. Make sure the original grooves of the tyre are in place and the depth measures at least 2mm all the way round. Part worn tyres, which have not been retreaded, must clearly show the relevant 'E' mark alongside and 'PART-WORN' must be permanently and legibly applied in letters at least 4mm high. These words cannot be hot branded or cut into the tyre.

Automotive Engineering, which is one of Northampton’s most reputable and trustworthy garages, takes the safety of your car extremely seriously. We are able to supply and fit high quality tyres on all vehicles. Let us know what you are looking for and we will track down the highest specification within your budget. Don’t let another winter go by, without taking making sure your tyres are up to dealing with the bad weather.