The MOT vs The Service

As well as being an established and trusted garage in Northampton, Automotive Engineering works on all different cars owned by a vast range of people. However, we have found over the years that a common mistake a lot of motorists make is thinking the MOT automatically means your car is safe to drive.

Let us be totally clear about this. Just because your car passes the MOT does not mean that it is roadworthy for the life of the certificate. A valid MOT certificate means that at the time your vehicle was tested, the car met the safety standards that are required. The car is passed on whether the mechanic can “reasonably” determine without dismantling the entire car, the minimum acceptable environmental and road safety standards which is required by law. So with that is mind, it is important that you do not confuse the MOT with a full car service. Having your car MOT’d is not the same as having your vehicle fully serviced, as it does not check the mechanical condition of your car. 

Be wary of garages that offer very cheap MOTs or no re-test fees as they will have to recoup the money they lose from somewhere. In which case, you might find the list of repairs that your car requires quite long and expensive. A service is far more thorough and having your car looked at on a regular basis, means your vehicle is far more likely to perform to its full potential and more importantly is safe for you to drive. Many drivers are using the MOT instead of servicing and will only carry out repairs if the car fails. Here at Automotive Engineering we would always recommend having your car serviced at least every year, making sure you are presenting a well-maintained and safe vehicle for the MOT expectation. 

Cars are complex pieces of machinery, which is why manufacturers will always recommend you have regular services carried out - even newer cars need to be looked at from time to time. There are a few jobs you can do yourself at home, such as adding coolant, topping up the engine oil and checking the water levels are correct, but beyond that we would always recommend booking your car in for Nigel to have a good look at. Automotive Engineering is proud of our reputation of carrying out thorough car services. We are an honest Northampton garage, who will only carry out work on a vehicle that is necessary. We will always fully explain what work needs to be carried out and offer you the best advice in order to get it carried out effectively.